Farrier Supplies

Farrier Supplies

When it comes to forging work, trimming and fitting horseshoes, there are few things as important as having the right tools and supplies.  Farrier tools are essential to when it comes to your horse’s hooves and it’s shoeing needs.

We carry a full line of aluminum & steel bar shoes, nails, tools, kits, aprons, rasps, adhesives, and accessories.  Let C & O’s experienced team provide you with the best farrier needs and supplies on the market.  Your horse will thank you!

Looking for a Farrier?

Here are some helpful tips for ensuring you and your horse’s happiness:

  • Word of Mouth references are key!
  • See them in action.  A good farrier enjoys their work and takes their time.
  • Never choose a Farrier based on cost alone.
  • Match experience with the needs of your horse.
  • A farrier’s education can be varied, so ask questions!